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Tools for Discipleship

about 2 months agoMay 29, 2020
Tools for discipleship
20 days agoJune 25, 2020
I have tried to order tickets three times for the virtual sessions coming up and it has registered wrong numbers or not counted a class. This last time I signed up for Walk and Tell, Storytelling Narrative 7/16, Passing on Stories of Faith and Family, Recognizing Bible Stories, World View. I accepted my four sessions, added total to 60.00 , but when I went to check out, it does not register the last class. This is the most frustrating ordering process I've ever encountered. I can't even see what I signed up for until I check out.  I will try to return and do it again, but if it doesn't accept me and the sessions, I'll take it that God just doesn't want me to attend. This was the only place I saw I could leave a message. I talked with some one days ago about the $ not accepting my offer per session. He said I could get two of them free that had already been shown and are now recorded. I need to find those too.
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