Language Olympics - ESL Promo

about 2 years agoMay 31, 2017
Calvary Baptist Church in Normal, Illinois, has adopted the Language Olympics literacy program. They started with just a few but now have over 30 members of their congregation tutoring (1 on 1) over 30 international adults who live within walking distance of their church building. Learning English using 30 foundational Bible stories and developing personal relationships with people of other cultures: win, win, win!
LORA Hooge
over 1 year agoJanuary 3, 2018
is there anything newer than this video promo  for advertisement of LO for ESL?
Marlon dela Cruz
5 months agoJanuary 13, 2019
Is there a training program for LO ESL? Do you provide assistance to missionaries in securing a copies of the curriculum? Blessings!
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